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20 Things I Wish I'd Known - by a Parli Student

20 things I wish I knew before joining Year 7


Hear from our students about their initial experiences at Parliament Hill

 A few of our favourite things

Maisy and Ariella remember what it was like to join a large secondary school. They have listed their 10 favourite things about Parli.                


  • There are lots of great clubs. There are many sports clubs, e.g. basketball, netball, football, dance, etc. and also many non-sports clubs such as STEAM club, a fun science club and Debate Mate you learn debating skills and take part in competitions with other schools. Teachers are also open to girls starting their own clubs based on their shared passions or topics of conversation.
  • Friendly and supportive staff and students. Parli is a very kind school environment that makes sure you have everything you need and know who you can reach out to. There are chances to work with older and younger students and collaborate with teachers.
  • Diverse curriculum. A wide ranging curriculum is very important to satisfy all students' interests. Year 7 can be quite overwhelming which is why having a PSHE lesson (Personal, Health, Social and Economic) is very useful. Activities include meditations, group discussions and more.
  • Lots of leadership opportunities. There are lots of leadership opportunities where you get to take a leading role among other students, e.g. student council, climate action group, fundraising.
  • Lots of outdoor space. It’s great especially in Summer to have a place to wind down and relax and having an outside space with a grassy area and benches is a really great way to do so.
  • The yearly musical. It is really fun and everyone can take part.

  • School trips. There are a variety of enrichment trips outside of school like going to the Globe theatre and the Science Museum which are nice ways to extend your learning on the school topics and be with your friends.
  • The focus on students’ strengths as well as their areas that need developing. There are many opportunities to nurture and provide challenges for students' strengths however it is just as important to improve on the things and subjects you struggle on which Parli is really good at doing. From helping you improve your attendance to working on challenging projects to really make you think deeply.
  • Able to use your student voice. During student and teacher co-planning, we can share our experience of the lessons and help create new ones, this is a great tool as it makes lessons really engaging and helps the teacher understand how the students are learning.
  • Lessons. For example, we love debating in the humanities subjects which are great fun for anyone who is on the debating team or not as they challenge your quick thinking, knowledge of the unit and skills of arguing your point effectively.