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Attendance Appointments & Request for Leave Application Form


Please contact the school before 8.30am in the morning each day to notify the school about your daughter is not attending on the day. You can also leave a message if your daughter has an appointment and will need to leave early or will be arriving late.

Tel:  Please dial the school switchboard on 020 7485 7077 and press option 1. For LaSWAP call 020 7482 9820

PHS Email:  LaSWAP:

Appointments during the school day

Please try to schedule hospital and other important appointments for outside school hours. If this is not possible, please ensure your daughter has written details of her appointment on her if she needs to arrive at school late or leave early. Please, also, inform attendance on the number or email above with details.

Please help your daughter to arrive at school on time each day. If she does arrive late due to an appointment or any other reason, she will need to sign in at the Attendance Office. 

The school cannot authorise a full day absence for an appointment unless there are special circumstances. We do expect students to attend school before and after an appointment where possible.

Request for leave

Please follow the link for a Request For Leave form . If you require leave for special circumstances, please complete the form and return to 

Attendance Matters Leaflet

Child Employment

Pupil Attendance Service in Camden is responsible for child work permits. Attached is the child employment leaflet for young people aged 13 – 16 and the employer’s leaflet. 

For Year 11s who wish to work they will need a permit until the last Friday in June, they can then work the same hours as if it was a school holiday.   

You will need to request authorised leave from the Attendance Team

No child under the age of 13 is legally allowed to work in the UK except in the entertainment industry. 

If you have any questions about child employment please email in the first instance

2021 Child Employment leaflets update - child version