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PE Kit Shop and Kit requirements:

PE Kit Letter & Details


  • PE/ Dance Kit Information:

Ace Sports website

Ace Sports, 6 Fortess Road, London NW5 2ES


PE/Dance Kit List:

  • Purple PHS PE T-shirt/ White PHS PE Long sleeved T-shirt
  • Option for GCSE PE and Dance T-shirts for students taking GCSE only
  • Navy blue, black or grey tracksuit bottoms
  • Navy blue, black or grey sweatshirt/hoodie
  • Thick black leggings
  • Trainers must be worn (these MUST NOT be Converse, Vans, Crocs or any other casual shoe as they need adequate ankle support for health and safety reasons)
  • Hair must be completely tied back in a ponytail or bun
  • Jewellery must not be worn at any time
  • Fake nails are not allowed to be worn in PE


PE/Dance Kit Policy and Consequences

  • If a student fails to bring their kit, they will be given kit (T-Shirt, joggers and trainers) supplied by the school to wear and issued a reminder and a behaviour point.
  • If the student arrives without kit on a 2nd occasion they will receive a subject detention. If there is a genuine reason for not having their kit, there needs to be a note from parents/carers.


Sickness and Injury

Students who are ill or injured must have a written note, dated and signed by parents/carers.  Long term illness or injuries require a doctor’s letter.  If a student is not feeling well on the day they are expected to change into their PE kit and the lesson will be adapted for them.

Thank you again for your continued support. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Siobhan Scott or

Rachael White