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Parliament Hill School

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Resources Committee

Terms of Reference 

Overall purpose

To oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure all the school’s resources are used to achieve the best possible outcomes for all our students.


  • To agree a sustainable and balanced annual budget for endorsement by the FGB
  • To ensure the budget is allocated to support delivery of the agreed priorities to achieve the best possible outcomes for all our students.
  • To ensure adequate provision is made each year in the budget for future known changes (e.g. provision for the new furniture and equipment resulting from the redevelopment of the premises).
  • To agree the medium term budget plan covering the following two financial years, i.e. 2017/18 and 2018/19 based on the best available information.
  • To oversee the submission of our annual and three year budgets to the London Borough of date…
  • To agree delegation limits with our headteacher.
  • To receive updates on achieving target forecast student enrolments and admission numbers throughout the year
  • To review and improve the school’s marketing and communications activities-including website and media relations.
  • To ensure we are making optimum use of our resources, including reviewing the school’s approach to achieving the most efficient outcomes from its staffing allocation, contracting, income earning, shared use and partnership activities.
  • To monitor throughout the year elements of the School’s Financial Value Standard (SFVS) so it can be signed off by the chair and submitted to Camden in a timely manner.
  • To receive and respond to audit reports.


  • To assist the decision making of the governing body, by enabling detailed consideration of the best means of fulfilling the governing body's responsibility when exercising, on behalf of the local authority, those powers of the employer which are delegated to the governing body.
  • To ensure all our staff are well motivated, supported and trained and are able to make an optimal contribution to the achievement of the school’s priorities and objectives. 
  • To lead and sustain the school as a centre of excellence for professional learning and development for all staff.
  • To review staff attendance and absence, succession planning, and professional development and to be updated on required action.
  • To review the annual staff survey and exit interview reports, monitoring the school’s timely and appropriate action to ensure staff wellbeing and high moral.
  • To consider any staff restructuring proposals and refer any proposals for significant changes to the  FGB
  • To discuss annual proposals covering staff pay policy and to advise FGB appropriately.


  • To receive reports and proposals on the premises needs of the school and on its upkeep, maintenance and security.
  • To receive regular updates on the progress of the proposed major redevelopment programme.
  • To nominate a colleague to attend progress meetings with lead officers at LBC
  • To consider the requirements of the school for both major and minor capital works, in the light of present and projected staff and pupil numbers, and of the curriculum policy, and refer to the local authority for consideration as part of its Capital Programme.
  • To monitor the development and implementation of the school's health and safety policy  in relation to our staff and  to work with SLT to ensure that health and safety are a key component when planning the use and maintenance of premises, grounds and equipment.

Governors have responsibilities for agreeing the following pay issues

  • Annual consideration of recommendations from our head for pay progression for teaching staff
  • To receive a report from our head with any recommendations about changes to  the pay of senior teaching staff
  • An annual performance review process of our head
  • Any recommendations for changes to the pay of our head
  • Decisions on 1, 2 and 4 above will be taken by the Pay Sub Committee of the FGB.
  • Decisions on 3 will be taken by a Performance Review Committee of the FGB
  • Decisions on membership of these sub committees to follow


  • To monitor all aspects of safeguarding, including child protection, and pupil safety and behaviour, and ensure that the school meets its statutory safeguarding duties
  • To monitor and support the school in achieving the highest possible standards of behaviour, attendance and punctuality
  • To monitor the school’s approach to promoting positive physical, and emotional, health and wellbeing
  • To take account of current and future statutory responsibilities and advice on
  • On behalf of the governing body, the safeguarding governor monitors all aspects of safeguarding and ensures that the school is meeting its statutory duties with regard to safeguarding and child protection; that the relevant policies and procedures are in place and regularly monitored; that the single central record is accurately maintained; and that staff safeguarding training is up to date. (There are further details in the Safeguarding Policy).
  • It is recommended that we nominate Lisa Hughes as our lead governor on safeguarding this year.

It is proposed this year to fix an annual series of dates for such panels rather than setting them up on an ad hoc basis. All panels will be made up of three governors and will be clerked.


Daniel Silverstone (Chair)

Leandros Kalisperas (Vice Chair)

Ansar Blakcori

Matilda Deja

Roger Freeman

Douglas Pinder

Vassilis Zafiris

Margaret Wellbank

Sarah Creasey (Head Teacher) providing leadership from the school leadership team