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Parliament Hill School

High achieving and happy

School Improvement Committee

Terms of Reference 

Overall purpose

To continue to focus on improving the attainment of our students and to provide an environment where all our students feels safe and are valued.

Drawing from the School Development Plan 2016-17:

  • Monitoring the raising of attainment and progress in maths to be significantly above the national average
  • Ensuring maths is embedded across the curriculum
  • Monitoring the raising of attainment in the Sixth Form
  • Monitoring the improvement in provision and outcomes for vulnerable groups, including safeguarding pupils, CLA, SEND, AEN, SEMH not in SEND profile and pupils with challenges
  • Reviewing the creation of a differentiated curriculum that closes the gap for students with low prior attainment
  • Monitoring the development of assessment expertise across the key stages within each department
  • Reviewing the use of assessment data to implement bespoke intervention for underachieving students
  • Continue to monitor all aspects of safeguarding, but with a particular focus on safeguarding arrangements in relation to the building project, LaSWAP and student mental health/well-being

    Members of the School Improvement Committee

    Lisa Hughes (Chair) 

    Peter Jones (Vice chair)  

    Sarah Creasey (Head Teacher)

    John Clark 

    Rebecca Russell

    Veronica Flavell

    Martin Morrin

    Sally Gimson

    Cathryn Turham