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Parliament Hill School

High achieving and happy

Staff List 

Teaching Staff

Headteacher Sarah Creasey (SCR) Headteacher
Deputy Headteachers Justine Collie (JCO) Deputy Headteacher 
  Deborah O’Connor (DOC)  Deputy Headteacher 
Assistant Headteachers Joy Morgan (JMO) Assistant Headteacher
  Gill Wilson (GW) Assistant Headteacher
Ella Schlesinger (ESC) Assistant Headteacher
Sandra Poole (SPO) Assistant Headteacher
Laika Suleyman (LSL) Assistant Headteacher
Teaching Achievement Team Leaders  Zoe Thorpe (ZTH) Year 9 
  Yinka Williams (OWI) Year 11
Rebecca Russell (RRU) Year 13
Stephen Jones (SJO) Year 12
Art & Design Louise Sumner (LSU) Team Leader for Art & Design
  Veronica Flavell (VFL) Team Leader for Art & Design 
Emily Doyle (EDO) Deputy Team leader for Art & Design 
Lucy Ben Yaacov (LYA) Teacher of Art (P/T)
Clara Cowan (CCW) Teacher of Art
Sheila Ghosh (SGH) Teacher of Graphics (P/T)
Business, Enterprise & Computer science Sarah Kyte (SKY) Team Leader for BS and CS 
  Rabia Begum (RBE) Teacher of Computer Science
Amanda McCormack (AMC) Teacher of Business Studies 
Natalie Goldstein Teacher of Business Studies- Teach First
Careers, Education & Guidance Vacancy Team Leader for Careers, Education & Guidance, and Work Related Learning/
Drama Sarah Solidum (SBA) Team Leader for Drama 
  Laura Acton (LAC) Team Leader for Drama
Helena Aksentijevic (HA) Teacher of Drama
English Kate Treacy (KTR) Team Leader for English
  Helen Black (HBL) Deputy TL for English 
Jeanette Price (JPR) Deputy TL for KS3
Jane Youlton (JY) Lead teacher for Literature-P/T
Marie Underwood (MUN) Literacy Co-ordinator
Wendy Jones (WEJ) Teacher of English 
Diktynna Warren (DWA) Teacher of English 
Joanne Sach (JSA) Teacher of English
Lindsay Home (LHO) Teacher of English and Film and Media
Alice Haslam (AHA) Teacher of English 
Jessica Pemble (JPM) Teacher of English and Film and Media
Corinne Dale (CDA) Teacher Trainee of English – Researchers in schools
Film & Media Kim Robertson (KRO) TL for Film & Media (P/T)
  Bernadette Jones (BJ) TL for Film & Media (P/T)
Sandra Poole (SPO) Teacher of Film and Media/Assistant Head
Geography, Citizenship and Sociology Rachel Urquhart (RUR) Team Leader for Geography, Sociology and Citizenship
  Emily Alexander (EMA) Teacher of Geography 
Anna-Rose Lim (ARL) Teacher of Geography
Marie Ruddy (MRU) Lead Teacher of Citizenship and Social action
Health Care & Early Years Andrea Hubner (AHU) Team Leader for HCEY & BTEC Co-ordinator
  Naziyah Miah (NMI) Teacher of HCEY 
History, Govt. and Politics Abigail Faik (AFA) TL for History, Govt. and Politics
  Michelle Feeney (MFE) Deputy TL for History, Govt. and Politics
Rebecca Russell (RRU) Teacher of Govt. and Politics/ATL Year 13
David Mullen (DM) Lead Practitioner for History
Yinka Williams (OWI) Teacher of Govt. and Politics/ ATL Year 10
Ella Schlesinger (ESC) Teacher of History, Govt. and Politics/Asst. Head
Special and Additional needs team Donna Billington (DBI) Senior Leader for Inclusion and SENDCo
  Maria Mora-Blanco (MMB) Specialist Teacher-P/T
Maths Carly Sugarman (CSU) Team Leader for Maths 
  Christine Emanuel (CEM) Deputy Team Leader for Maths and KS4 Coordinator  
Bethan Edwards (BEW) Deputy Team Leader for Maths/KS3
Caroline Layton (CL) Lead Practitioner
George Punter (GPU) Teacher of Maths
John Petry (JPE) Teacher of Maths
Alfie Sparkes (ASP) Teacher of Maths
Kirsty Behan (KBE) Teacher of Maths
Isabel Boanas Evans (IEV) Teacher of Maths and D&T/ Year 7 Maths Co-ordinator
Matthew Elliot-Ripley Teacher Trainee- Researcher in school
Tyson Waterman (TWT) Teacher of Maths (Temp)
Modern Foreign Languages Lisa Hutchinson (LH) Team leader for MFL
  Faiza Bennouna (FAB) Deputy TL for MFL
Stephen Jones (SJO) Teacher of MFL/ ATL Year 13
Lily Floiras (LFL) Teacher of MFL
Jay Gamon-Gonzalez (JGG) Teacher of MFL
Marcos Rodriguez Peiro (MRP) Teacher of MFL
David Polden (DPO) Teacher of MFL
Music Celia Banks (CBE) Team Leader for Music- Maternity
  Maria Creasey (MCR) Acting Team Leader for Music
Sam Wilson (SWI) Teacher of Music (Maternity cover)
Physical Education and Dance Nadine Mason (NMA) Team Leader for PE- Maternity
  Sophie Ibrahim (SIB) Acting Team Leader for PE
Zoe Thorpe (ZTH) Teacher of PE/ ATL Year 8
Jessica Barry (JBA) Subject Leader for Dance
Bethany Nicholls (BNI) Teacher of PE (Maternity cover)
Psychology Kathleen Mallen (KM) Team Leader for Psychology
  Fatos  Fatos Di Rosa (FKA) Teacher of Psychology (P/T)
Religious Education Paul Kayser (PKA) Subject Leader for RE
  Phillipa West (PWE) Teacher of RE
Science Anoushka Lester (ALE) Team Leader for Science
  Emma Gray (EGR) Subject Leader for Biology
Harry De Cotti (HDC) Subject Leader for Chemistry
Aoife Meenan (AME) Subject Leader for Physics- Temp
Nick Shirbini (NSH) Acting KS3 co-ordinator for Science
Rosa Castro (RC) Teacher of Chemistry
Kirsty Perry (KPE) Teach of Science
Catherine McEvoy (CMC) Teacher of Physics–KS5 Coordinator +STEAM (RIS)
Max Taylor-Mitchinson (MTM) Teacher of Science
Laxmi Dandgey (LDA) Teacher of Biology
Amy Harrington (AHA) Teacher of Physics – Teach First

Support Staff

PA To Head Melanie Charles (MCH) PA to Headteacher
School Administration Team Josephine Farquhar (JFA) Lead Administration officer
Della Dwyer (DDW) Admin Assistant- partnerships, parents and events
Sinead McGurgan (SMG) Admin Assistant- partnerships, parents and events
Cover Team Uta Kreuzburg (UKR) Cover Manager/ Careers Co-ordinator
  John McGrath (JMC) Cover Supervisor
Information and Assessment Team Elizabeth Halsall (EHL) Information Manager-school performance and student services
Sean Murphy (SMU) Information and Assessment Officer-lead examinations internal/external
Paula Clowser (PCL) Information and Assessment Officer – KS3 Attendance and Registrar
Kelly Baker (KBA) Attendance and Registrar assistant- Temp
Joint 6th Form Team Elizabeth Avery (EAV) Joint 6th Form Centre Manager
  Vacancy Joint 6th Form Student study and Attendance officer
Finance Team Vicky Gooders-Graham(VGG) School Business Director
  Supriya Gureja (SGU) Bursar
Emily Thompson Finance Apprentice
HR & CPD Team Alpa Sheth (ASH) HR Manager
  Marta Wojtowicz (MWO) HR and CPD Assistant 
Special and Additional needs  Team Rachel Martin Non-Teaching ATL- Year 8
  Dionne John-Baptiste (DJB) Non-Teaching ATL- Year 10
Sabrina Harriott (SHT) Non-Teaching ATL- Year 7
Tunicea Salih (TSA) Safeguarding Officer- P/T
Rebecca Meek (REM) DATL
Maria Kourkouta  Counsellor (P/T)
Neera Dhingra (NDH) Well Being Project Manager
Teaching & Learning Assistants Team Helen O’Sullivan (HOS) HLTA & Team Leader
Shaun Clarke (SHC) Teaching Assistant -Maths Focus
Clarisse Zamba Teaching Assistant (temporary)
Chaimaa Hadjazi Teaching Assistant (temporary)
Lulu Preece (LPR) Teaching Assistant (temporary)
Alexandria Patmore (APA) Teaching Assistant (temporary)
Vacancy Teaching Assistant (temporary
Vacancy Teaching Assistant (temporary)
Media, Communication and Publicity Team (Gamini) Asoka Peiris (GAP) ICT Manager
  Iman Mozafari (IMO) ICT Assistant
Library Matilda Deja (MDE) Learning Resource Centre Manager
Lunchtime Supervisor Team Helen Callaghan (HEC) Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
  Sheila Robinson (SRO) Lunchtime Supervisor
Sara Stephenson (SAS) Lunchtime Supervisor
Site Services Team Bernard Charles (BCH) Premises Manager
  Manuel Pais (MPA) Site Services Assistant
Dennis Francis (DFR) Site Services Assistant
Geneva McGowan-Humphrey Site Services Assistant 
Sharlene Groce (SHG) Site Services Assistant
Dean Ofori (DOF) Security Guard
Cleaning Team Vacancy Cleaning Supervisor
  Rogelio Ramos (RRA) Cleaning assistant
Sita Jhoree (SJH) Cleaning assistant
Anna Tearle Graham (AGR) Cleaning assistant
Zanaib Adebowale (ZAD) Cleaning assistant
Jose Efrain Grajales Ocampo (JOC) Cleaning assistant
Jorge Alfonso Sifaz Mena (JME) Cleaning assistant
Ana Delia Moscoso Londono (ALO) Cleaning assistant
Esther Herlinda Medina Bravo (EBR) Cleaning assistant
Djamira Aliette Sa da Costa (DCO) Cleaning assistant- Maternity
Carlos Jose Ramos Marques (CMA) Cleaning assistant
Maria Alcinda Fernandes das Fontes (MFO) Cleaning assistant
Editha Canlas (ECA) Cleaning assistant- Maternity cover
Technician Team Emily Hopkins (EHO) Art & Design Technician 
  Chris Garcin (CGA) Art & Design Technician
Shahina Wahid (SWA) Science Technician
Faranak Farahani (FFA) Science Technician
Kheira Laouamri Science Technician-Apprentice
LaSWAP Team Georgina Atkinson LaSWAP Director
  Myrtle De’Souza (MDS) LaSWAP Administrator (based at WES)
Muhammad Esmail LaSWAP Data manager (based at WES)
Madeleine Landreth Higher Education Adviser (PHS)
Outside Agencies Working in School  Phil Kettlewell (PKE) Connexions/Careers
  PC Sarah Luty Safer Schools Police Officer
Suzanne Batten School Nurse
Peripatetic Music Teachers Matthew Brooks
  Paul Burch
Jack Burnaby-Piano
Claire Connors - Violin
Chris Hadland-Drums
Kate Hannent – Jazz Band
Richard Martyn- French
Joe McGrail - Piano
Grace Nyandoro-Voice
Theresa Nyandoro-Voice
Shaun O’Reilly-Guitar
Geraldine Peach-Oboe
Colin James Webster