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Parliament Hill

High Achieving andHappy

Leadership Teams

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Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher Sarah Creasey
Deputy Headteachers

Deborah O’Connor

Fiona Carey

Ella Schlesinger (Director of 6th Form)

Assistant Headteachers

Sandra Poole (SPO)

Laika Suleyman (LSL)

Donna Billington (DBI)

Rachel Urquhart (RUR)

David Mullen (DMU)

Joint Business Director

Rita Hender


Achievement Team Leader (Head of Years)

Year 7



SLT Link


Year 8


SLT Link


Year 9

Acting ATL


SLT Link


Year 10



STL Link


Year 11






Year 12



Year 13


ATL - Maternity



Laura McDaniel (LMC)

Julia Nathan

Sandra Poole (SPO)



Rebecca Luogon 

Laika Suleyman (LSL)



Kate Treacy (KTR) 

Julia Nathan

Fiona Carey



Jessica Pemble (JPE)

Sophia Zhiri

David Mullen (DMU)



Deborah O'Connor (DOC) - Team Leadership & Strategic Overview

Sophia Zhiri - References & Safeguarding

Molly Jenno - Daily Operations and Student/Parent Triage



Sarah Kyte (SKY)



Stephen Jones (SJO)

Rebecca Russell (RRU)

Team Leaders/ Person in charge

Team Leaders/Person in charge

Art, Design & Technology: Louise Sumner

Acting Business and Computer Science: Natalie Goldstein

Citizenship: Marie Brogan

Careers: Rihana Maya 

Dance & PE: Sophie Smith

SL for Dance: Jessica Barry

Drama: Laura Acton 

English: Kate Treacy

Film and Media: Kim Robertson/Bernadette Jones

Food and Nutrition: Evie Lewis

Geography, Citizenship and Sociology: Rachel Urquhart

Health Care and Early Years: Andrea Kennedy

Acting History, Govt. and Politics: Christopher Doel/Stephanie Lewin

Maths: Carly Sugarman
Modern Foreign Languages: Lisa Hutchinson

Music: Celia Banks/Maria Creasey

Psychology: Emily Villegas

Religious Education: Paul Kayser

Science: Anoushka Lester/Max Taylor Mitchinson