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Cost of Living Crisis Resources

Supporting Parliament Hill School Parents
Camden Council has asked us to share the following information with our local networks:
Everyone is likely to need a bit of help this winter due to the rising cost of living. If you’re struggling to afford the essentials – including food, energy bills or housing costs – or if you’re in debt, help is available.
Living Outside of Camden?
Follow the link below where you can enter your postcode and access additional advice and support tailored to your local area.


Warm Spaces
‘Warm Welcome’ spaces are available in Camden’s libraries, council buildings and community organisations across the borough. Residents will be met with warmth and kindness, and can relax, meet others and get support with the cost-of-living crisis in a safe and warm place.

Cost of Living
Information on other forms of support including government funded initiatives is also available.

Cost Of Living Advice and Support Booklet - Autumn 2023

Food Bank Vouchers
To access a food bank, you may need food bank vouchers. You can get referrals to access these from Council officers, social workers, children’s centres, GP surgeries and advice charities.
If you’re in urgent need of support with food, please visit Camden’s Find Food website. You can use the website to find places and organisations to get food from in your local area.
You can read more about other help with access to food in Camden, including food co-ops and vouchers for families.


Cost of Living Crisis - Materials
Materials are now translated into community languages, British Sign Language and EasyRead (Haidee O’Donnell, Haidee.O’
Last year, the Council developed a booklet to provide residents with advice and support on the cost of living crisis. This has been translated into Arabic, Kurdish, Lingala, Somali, Swahili, Sylheti and Turkish. The translated versions can be downloaded from the ‘cost of living crisis materials’ section of the website:

Ways to donate, volunteer and help others - Camden Council

The Council has also translated the key information into an EasyRead wiki and British Sign Language.



Cost Of Living Crisis
A number of measures have been put in place by Camden council in order to support families and individuals in financial hardship. Camden have set up Cost of Living Crisis Awards which school can apply for on behalf of families. These are where an individual or family is facing severe financial hardship and cannot afford the essentials of food, warmth, water, electricity and housing etc. As such, there is a risk the family or individual will suffer harm without help as they have no other source of financial support available to them.



Single person/couple - £300

Small Family/household (1-2 children) - £400

Larger Family/household (up to 3 children/dependants) - £500

Households with over 5 members - £600-£700


• A household can only receive a maximum of two awards in a 12-month period.
• In exceptional circumstances higher values can be awarded but sufficient information and evidence is required in the application. Please use the ‘reason for award’ box for this.
• The scheme’s budget position will be taken into consideration when making an award.

In order to be eligible:
• You must have lived in Camden for at least 6 weeks
• Be over 18, or a young person aged 16-18 living independently
• You must be deemed to be in severe financial hardship
• Only two awards per household

If you feel that your family meets the above criteria and you are in financial difficulty, please contact who will be able to assist you. Alternatively call 0207 485 7077 and ask to speak with Sandra Poole. We are also able to ask Camden for supermarket vouchers, so if you feel the above doesn’t apply to you but some additional help is needed, do get in touch.
Sandra Poole
Assistant Headteacher