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Parliament Hill

High Achieving andHappy

Why Parli?

Thanks so much for having me at Parliament Hill yesterday, I had a fantastic day and it was great to meet everyone in your lovely department. 

I really enjoyed observing and helping out in the year 8 and 9 lessons I saw across the day. There was a really positive atmosphere in the classrooms, the girls were highly engaged in their learning and eager to impress their teachers. The tasks were engaging and fun whilst always purposeful and I was impressed by the breadth of the girls' knowledge, particularly their ability to manipulate language and recall key verbs and tenses. This is something I am trying to master with my classes so it was inspirational to see in practice! You said you are promoting this through a circular curriculum and frequent revision of key elements and I think evidence of the success of this is clear. Thank you also for sharing your schemes of work etc. with me to study in more detail! 

I'd also like to say that students I interacted with throughout the day were polite, friendly and enthusiastic about promoting their school. I felt really welcome. 

Teacher of MFL from Kensington Aldridge Academy


 I wanted to send a very sincere email thanking you for all of your time, your students' time, and your hospitality today. I am absolutely certain that my students loved Parliament Hill, and were extremely appreciative of your introductions, explanations, and answering of questions! I also wanted to reiterate how impressed I was with Parliament Hill as a school. Today was an unforgettable experience, and we are all extremely grateful!

Adam M. Friedman, Ph.D. Professor, Social Studies Education. Chair, Department of Education.Wake Forest University


My daughter's transition from primary school went so smoothly due to the support and care of the staff at Parli. Despite being apprehensive about her move, my daughter settled in very quickly, made lots of new friends and really enjoys being in secondary school.


The teachers are very keen for the students to progress and their continual dedication to the girls is admirable. They are highly driven and motivated.


My daughter is very much looking forward to her future with the help of the staff at Parli.


Since joining Parliament Hill my child has gained tremendous confidence.


Feedback from work experience: 

I felt it was important that you were made aware of how well your student represented herself and the school during her time with us.  It was a pleasure to have her and I have told her she should be very proud of the feedback that colleagues provided, whom she spent time with.   We would be more than happy to support your student in any way we can and if she wishes in 6th form, with any further work experience opportunities to support her on her chosen career pathway. 


As a parent I cannot praise the school highly enough in terms of their responsiveness to any concerns we have had a long the way. They have been particularly alert to signs of stress in the girls and offered a variety of options to help with this. This has been both at individual staff level, some of whom have spontaneously gone out their way to be available and supportive, and also a systematic approach by the school.


The dedication, support, warmth, humour & fantastic teaching of all the teachers that my girls have had at Parli is incredible & overwhelming. I hope the teachers all realise the impact they have had on these’s outstanding ...every Parli parent I know agrees with me.