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Remote Learning

 Remote Learning Policy - Link


Remote Teaching at PHS


Subject teams have written remote learning plans for every year group – links below.

These plans are uploaded to the website at the start of every half-term for parents to access. They provide:

  • an outline of the teaching planned in lessons at school
  • plans and links to resources for self-isolating students who will be accessing learning remotely for 10-14 day periods while F2F lessons continue at school
  • plans and links to resources for fully remote teaching when the whole cohort will be accessing learning remotely


We use Microsoft Teams to deliver our resources and lessons remotely. In periods of remote teaching teachers will provide a mixture of

  • live lessons (synchronous)
  • recorded videos and presentations (asynchronous)
  • written/paper resources

In periods of fully remote teaching we will follow the school timetable and five live lessons will provide a structure for students to plan their day. Students will be registered by tutors at 8.40 am and reminded of the expectations for the day. They will also be registered in their five live lessons.

In addition asynchronous learning, such as recorded videos and presentations, allows students to review work at their own pace and can therefore provide a deeper learning experience. For these reasons we will provide both synchronous live lessons and a bank of videos and written resources to help students review, consolidate and practice skills. These resources are all stored in Teams. Some subject areas have digital resources they already make good use of for home-learning, e.g. Hegarty Maths. Ideally video and paper resources will have been provided in advance (e.g. booklets) or uploaded to Teams for students to access from home. Paper resources can be posted home in individual cases where this is necessary.

Assessment and feedback will be provided through live feedback, the chat facility and Teams quizzes as well as subject specific assessed exercises. Work is often set and submitted as Teams Assignments.


Live lessons

A remote lesson does not necessarily mean a full 60 minutes of teacher delivery. Lessons may be introduced and then work set for individual practice during the lesson. The teacher can then be available for individual support and then check in with the class at the end of the lesson to guide them in their next steps, e.g. accessing a video or other resources to review and practice skills. Teachers will sometimes record and upload the start of their live sessions to share with any students who are unable to access their own device or miss the start of the lesson. The students will then be able to complete and submit the practice tasks in their own time.

Cameras should be on but microphones muted during live sessions unless directed to unmute by the teacher. Active and focused engagement is required from all students, questions can be asked via the chat facility and all independent work must be attempted in the time provided.


Screen time

We are aware that can be exhausting for students and teachers to have extended screen time every day and are asking teachers to plan more activities which can be completed away from the screen. In addition we are also asking them to sometimes set asynchronous activities that allow students to go for a walk during the day and complete the work later.


Pastoral provision

Tutor time will be provided through live registration every morning for students working at home. Assemblies will be delivered to the year group every week via Teams. Attendance and punctuality to live sessions and general levels of engagement with Teams will be monitored by the ATL and tutors working with the attendance team.


Home support

Families provide support for students working at home by

  • ensuring the student structures their learning day around the school timetable and attends all sessions punctually starting with morning registration with their tutor
  • providing a quiet environment for the live lessons and paper/pens for written work
  • ensuring that students have breakfast before the learning day begins and the school dress codes is adhered to for all live remote sessions
  • contacting the tutor or ATL if there are any issues affecting their child’s ability to access remote learning. All students should now have devices which allow them to access remote teaching.



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