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Expectations for Learning

Promoting Positive Attitudes to Learning 

The vast majority of our students behave extremely well in lessons and are committed to learning. We take great efforts to reward our students for excellent effort and achievement as well as showing care and respect for each other.

The student Code of Conduct makes clear the expectations of students’ attitudes to learning, which will ensure happy and successful learning and a positive social environment for all students.

The rules we have in place are to ensure that maximum learning takes place, in a positive and safe environment for all.

Our key expectations are to:

  • Arrive on time to all lessons with the correct equipment.
  • Follow instructions from staff the first time they are given.
  • Listen when others are speaking and respect everyone’s contributions.
  • Remain focused in lessons and complete all work set to a high standard.
  • Respect others, school resources and the classroom environment.

The full code of conduct can be found here:

Code of Conduct.PDF


Students are reminded of our expectations of attitudes to learning, which will ensure happy and successful learning and a positive social environment for all students.  Rewarding student effort and achievement continues to be central to our school culture and students are being updated on how we have included further reward categories into our Rewards Framework.


Parent/carers will continue to be notified of the rewards and/or behaviour points logged by staff members by way of the Daily Digest email they receive each day. 

Parli Point Rewards are labelled with a P and 

Reminders, Re-set or Referral interventions in response to instances of behaviour below expectations are labelled with an R.

Please click on the link below to see our Behaviour Framework:

Rewards and Behaviour Frameworks


How will I be rewarded for my effort and positive attitude towards learning?

Students are awarded Parli Points for Perseverance, Achievement, Relationships, Leadership, Initiative and Kindness. We believe in the importance of praising students for their efforts and work to promote a positive culture for learning.

The Parli Behaviour and Rewards Framework provides information on a consistent approach to promoting positive attitudes to learning and responding to any instances of negative behaviours. These frameworks also detail the escalation layers and referral routes at each point.

To support our consistent approach to promoting positive attitudes to learning at Parliament Hill School, we use Bromcom Behaviour; the dashboard for this corresponds with the layers of the Behaviour and Rewards Frameworks.

Communications to families on their child/ren’s behaviour and attitude at school is priority and parent/carers receive a Daily Digest, by email, that provides an update of rewards and behaviour points that have been logged for their child/ren each day. We hope that the frequency and detail of this communication supports parents/carers’ understanding of their child/ren’s achievements at school and informs discussions to support positive attitudes.

Please click on the link below to see our Rewards Framework:

Rewards and Behaviour Frameworks

Is there a detention system?


For your reference, please also see information on our Detention and Resolution pathways below:


Resolutions: A restorative conversation on the day the Resolution is set. If a student fails to engage with this, there will be escalation to a 30 minute detention the following day.


Late Detention: 30 minutes on the same day when arriving after 8:40am or failing to sign in.

If a student fails to sit their late detention, it is escalated to an ATL 45 minute Detention on Thursdays.


Department Detention: 45 minutes on a Monday.

ATL Detention: 45 minutes on a Thursday.

SLT Detention: 90 minutes on a Friday.


Attendance to detentions set is mandatory.


If a student is unable to attend a detention due to medical or dental appointments, evidence must be provided to so that the detention is rolled over to the next available slot. In the case of extenuating circumstances such as bereavement, parents/carers should contact your students ATL with this information please.

Detentions are used to reinforce our high expectations of punctuality.

Is there a school dress code system?

We do not have a school uniform at Parliament Hill School, however, we do have a dress code. We have devised our dress code to reflect our diverse community, and to ensure that all pupils feel included and comfortable. Adherence to our dress code is regarded as part of students’ personal and social development.

We ask students not to wear very short dresses/skirts/shorts, cut off tops which expose bare midriffs, low cut tops, or flip flops. Furthermore, jewellery and make-up should be kept to a minimum and be discreet.

In Year 7 we ask that students do not wear make-up at all.


Healthy Relationships (Anti Bullying)

At Parliament Hill we believe that all students have a right to learn in a supportive, caring and safe environment, without the fear of being bullied. We consider any form of bullying to be completely unacceptable. On the rare occasion when bullying takes place, it is the responsibility of every member of our school community to combat bullying and report it.

What is bullying?

The school considers bullying to be any form of repeated behaviour by an individual or group that, deliberately or thoughtlessly, threatens, frightens, isolates or in some way hurts someone else. This could be physical actions, verbal insults or threats of violence, spreading rumours, isolating behaviour or online bullying through social media.

What should a student do if they experience bullying?

If you feel you are being bullied you should speak to a member of staff in school or to your parent/carer. In school you could speak with your form tutor, your ATL, a member of the Wellbeing team or another member of staff you have a positive relationship with. We will take your feelings seriously and will investigate the incident(s). We will make sure that you feel safe and reassured at every stage in the process. We will speak with your parents to inform them of the situation and what we are going to do to make things better. If after we have dealt with the incident, something else happens, we want you to tell us immediately, so we can deal with the bully in a more serious way.

What should you do if you witness another student being bullied?

If you witness a student behaving towards another student in a way that makes you uncomfortable or makes you worried for the individual, we want you to come and speak to a member of staff in school. This could be anyone you have a positive relationship with, although ideally it will be your form tutor or ATL. We may not tell you how we resolve the situation, but be reassured we will take it seriously and we will act. Don’t feel like you are breaking someone’s trust by talking to us, good friends look out for each other and help each other grow and develop into well rounded, caring young adults. It is your responsibility as a member of the Parli community to help make it a better place for everyone.  

How can we all contribute to a positive environment at Parliament Hill?

Remember our Parli Promises:

  • I will not put anyone down today
  • I will stand up for someone today
  • I will not start gossip today
  • I will support my peers on their bad days
  • I will be myself and let others be themselves