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At Parliament Hill we have a Year Group Council in each year, as well as a Whole School Council. The structure works like this:


Students who were elected to the Year Group Council had to give a speech to members of their tutor group, who then elected one representative.

Students who were voted onto the Whole School Council had to produce manifestos and present their ideas to the entire year group. The year group then elected on representative.

The Year Group Council Members are:

Year 7 – Katie Harries (7A), Rosa Khan (7C), Jasmine McIntyre (7D), China-Lee Beckles (7F), Tasneem Idaris (7L), Marni Benson (7M), Thora Harrison (7R)

Year 8 - Yiota Makedonis-Kalodiki (8B), Xanthe Paspalas (8C), Susima Manandhar (8G), Abigail Greneux-Bhajun (8J), Phoebe Case (8L), Naseeba Abdelwahed (8M), Lucille Barrott (8Z)

Year 9 - Ellen Donald (9A), Leah Rofaila (9B), Josephine Alys (9D), Niamh Warren (9H), Laila Elobbadi (9L),  Freya Pank (9M), Assia Lamani (9Q)

Year 10 – Gaia Reinhardt (10A), April Rogers (10C), Jasmine Coniff (10F), Nasiriyah Hakim-Anderson (10M), Lara Townsend (10P), Donika Celaj (10W)

Year 11 – Gracie Oddie-James (11M), Tabitha Reeves (11P),  Kate Butler (11T), Isabellla Furst (11V)

The Whole School Council Members are:

Year 7 – Thora Harrison (7R)
Year 8 – Abigail Greneux-Bhajun (8J)
Year 9 – Laila Elobbadi (9L)
Year 10 – Donika Celaj (10W)

Year 11 - Kate Butler (11V)


 The Year Group Council and Whole School Council receive training on how to :

  • lead effective meetings
  • act as a year/tutor group representative
  • present to staff and students
  • delegate effectively
  • run a successful project 

Minutes of council meetings will be published on the school noticeboard.

Whole School Council will present to the governing body annually on what initiatives they have undertaken and how council could be improved further.

Whole School Council meet fortnightly, led by Ms Poole

Year Group Councils meet fortnightly, led by the Achievement Team Leader or Deputy Achievement Team Leader for the year group.

Our focus for 2017-18

This year the council will use the aims of the school to identify an effective project of their own choosing:

  • A world class centre of excellence for student and professional learning. (Article 29 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child) ENVIRONMENT
  • A place where all girls belong and where every girl is empowered to grow, to succeed and to lead.  (Articles 13-16 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child) WELLBEING
  • A community where relationships are positive and respectful, responsibilities are embraced and successes are celebrated. (Article 30 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child) RELATIONSHIPS
  • A creative environment where we are restless to improve and confident to try new things. (Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child) ENTERPRISE
  • A dynamic hub for positive partnerships which enhance the life chances of Parli students and their community contribution. (Articles 14- 15 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child) COMMUNITY

Each year group council will have responsibility for one area and will report back to whole school council on the success of the project.