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Parliament Hill School

High achieving and happy


“Thank you to both yourself and David for today’s session. It was absolutely brilliant and I left with a newly renewed and confident sense of self. I was so happy with how informative it was and I really enjoy the sessions. Thank you so much for taking the time to organise these sessions. “  21st Century Leaders


Thanks so much for organising such a useful and informative day. I took a lot away with me - to introduce straight away and to think about. I was so impressed with everything I saw today, especially that what the senior team was saying was reflected by the middle team and by the students. You're all doing a great job! And thank you for being so generous with your good ideas and practice. One of the most useful CPDs I've attended  in a long while.

Higher Learning Potential Leadership Development Day March 2019


"I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful mentor session 1. I have passed on all the key information (minus the beach ball and post its!)  to our class mentors here – we have covered challenges as a first time mentor, questions, the role of mentors, when to be a ‘warm bath’ and when to be a ‘cold shower’. We have also discussed how the pupils must come first, so any critique will help trainees develop. We have looked at techniques – as suggested by your mentors – about using tallies, and focusing mentor meetings."  PCM attending the Mentor PD

"I was fortunate enough to go to Strengthening Pedagogy training at Parliament Hill School. This was an amazing opportunity!  The school was also a girl’s school based in Gospel Oak and the students were truly inspirational!"
"During the course I had the chance to develop strategies and skills needed to refine practice in the classroom. It also allowed me to scaffold reflection, enabling me to critically evaluate students’ progress and plan accordingly."

"I was introduced to different lessons & this was great to see other lessons in a range of subjects. I would say a highlight would be that I was given a electronic toolkit of learning activities which was a ready for implementing in the classroom straight away."
"Another highlight, was a session where students reflected on what they liked about their lessons. It was great to hear their ideas & feedback on teaching and learning. Also the opportunity to discuss with students on how to plan lessons and a part of SOW was very interesting.  It was very exciting to share teaching & learning ideas with inspirational students!"

"Overall, some-thought provoking teaching ideas! The CPD made me realise, you can always make a better lesson even better, & it’s all about on-going reflection!"
December 2014

"A very interesting and lovely workshop spent learning how to use questioning effectively in the classroom."
September 2014

"Please can I plan a lesson with students again?  Fab ideas!"
October 2014

"The EAL session was brilliant and had great ideas."
October 2014

"The workshop was excellent – as always!"
Literacy workshop December 2014

"Taking part in the Technology lesson was the best CPD I’ve had in my life.  I learned lots and implemented this into my lessons straight away.  I used the strategies for an observed lesson and got ‘outstanding."
Strengthening Pedagogy December 2014

"An excellent course – lots of useful ideas and advice.  The role play was fantastic as was the case study.  Would recommend this to others."
Outstanding Pastoral Leadership October 2014

"Excellent range of tips that I can use ‘off the cuff’."
Consolidating Outstanding October 2014

"Really great ideas for ways of incorporating Drama into the classroom – even Computing lessons."
Drama in the classroom November 2014

"A thoroughly enjoyable and rich learning experience over the last few months.  It was certainly the most comprehensive and useful CPD I have had in my 25-year career.”  
Camden teacher attending the Consolidating Outstanding programme  

“I was extremely well set up by Parliament Hill School to the extent that I am now considered to be a ‘lead practitioner’ at my new school and am running sessions in the whole staff training – so thank you!”  ex-PHS trainee   

“I have just concluded my intensive programme of visiting UK schools and my visit to parliament Hill has proved to be the one which I regard as having the most significant potential in influencing my own practice.  This is a school working at another level.  I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend time at Parliament Hill.”  
Mike Fowler from Hagley Community College, New Zealand   

“The Consolidating Outstanding programme has been the best CPD I have been on.”  
Teacher from William Ellis School   

“At the Institute of Education meeting, there were a number of us in my group who realised we had all been to Parliament Hill when starting out in our Professional Co-ordinating mentor roles!”  ITT and NQT Leader from LB Newham   

“The visit to Parliament Hill was brilliantly organised.  The pupils who showed us around were very committed to the school and told us about the really interesting project where some of them help teachers plan lessons.  One could see how happy every single student was in this school.”  Harald Spann from the Institut Ausbildung APS, Austria.   

“The rich discussions on the outstanding G&T programmes that run at PHS provided invaluable suggestions to take back to mys school.”  G&T Leader from Tower Hamlets