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Parliament Hill

High Achieving andHappy

What are Parli learners like

We are Parli Learners

We work hard

We are interested. We always make an effort to engage, ask questions and bring energy to our lessons.

We respect others

We know when it's time to listen and when it's time to respect others.

We practise

We review our learning. We revise well for our tests and regularly complete home learning.

We make mistakes

We say "I can't do it... YET" but persist when it gets hard because we know that's when we're really learning.

We act on feedback

... from our teachers and friends. We learn from examples of excellent work. We redraft. We CRAFT our work and always look to improve.

We apply what we've learned

... to new problems. We make connections and ask even more questions. We wonder: "What if?"

We share

We share what we've learned. We explain and communicate. We give advice and feedback to others.

We're ready to learn

We arrive on time, with all our equipment, to maximise our learning time.