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Useful Links

Parliament Hill School

High achieving and happy


Our programme begins in Year 7 when students are encouraged to have high aspirations. A presentation to Year 7 shows how Parli helped former students on their journey to success and to highlight the opportunities that are there to be seized. 

Working with a plethora of partners and local providers, the programme becomes more bespoke as students progress through the school. At all times, we encourage students to aim high and challenge stereotypes and traditional perspectives of the world of work.   The school places a particular focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). 

We aim to provide high quality opportunities to all students and to provide contacts with the professions for students without family contacts of their own.  We work closely with a number of universities including Imperial College London, Wadham College Oxford, Girton College Cambridge, SOAS, UCL, The Royal Veterinary College, St Georges Medical School and City University to ensure that every girl experiences a day in a university before completing their GCSEs and offers Morrisby profiling tests for the most able students.. 

Additional in school options offered to a cohort of girls include very successful high quality vocational courses in Media, Health and Social Care and Childcare courses and qualifications and successful partnerships with local vocational course providers including the London College of Beauty Therapy. As you can see we have contacts with a broad spectrum of partners and this list is always being added to on a regular basis.  


Below are links to some careers websites. These are just a sample of the websites available and there are plenty more. Feel free to add to this list!

Careers in construction - explore careers in construction - training opportunities including apprenticeships through Kings Cross Construction Skills Centre

Careers in creative industries - explore careers in the creative industries - explore careers in the creative and cultural industries

Careers in education - explore careers in teaching

Careers in finance - explore careers in finance and law

Careers in healthcare - explore careers in the NHS - a guide for 14-19 year old students about careers in the NHS

Careers in hospitality

Land-based and environmental careers - explore land-based and environmental careers

Careers in law - a guide to careers in law  - information about becoming a barrister - information about becoming a solicitor - information about becoming a legal executive

Careers in publishing - a guide to working in magazines and business media

Careers in marketing - a guide to careers in marketing

Careers in science, technology, engineering and maths - find out about careers in science - find out about careers using Maths - find out about careers in engineering
Video clips of interviews with young professionals working in science, technology, engineering and maths sectors

Explore careers in social care -

Careers in the sport, fitness, playwork and outdoors industries

Websites about study options after Year 11 - the LaSwap sixth form consortium website – you can use this website to help you find courses in your local area - a guide produced by the Russell Group of Universities to help you consider how the subjects you choose to study after year 11 can affect your future plans - contains information about universities and choosing options after year 9 and 11

Apprenticeships - search and apply for apprenticeship vacancies - search and apply for vacancies through the Camden Apprenticeships team

Volunteering - find volunteering opportunities for 14-25 year olds - find volunteering opportunities in your local area

Careers websites (these websites include information on a range of careers) - see the job profiles for more information about the careers you might be interested in – see the career worlds section to explore your career ideas further - watch career videos - explore the careers you are interested in. This site also includes a section on options with your subject

 Uta Kreuzburg, Team Leader Careers